Cody Fireworks Raffle 2024

Jun 21, 2024

Cody is the place to be for the Fourth of July. Our small-town goodness doesn’t get much better between Extreme Bulls, the three parades, the PRCA Cody Stampede Rodeo, and the fireworks display wrap-up. It takes many teams to make it all happen. In this article, I want to focus on the Cody Fireworks Committee, a group that has kept the show going when it looked like the fireworks might fizzle out. The Fireworks Committee is again holding a raffle to keep the skies lit with this American tradition. Only 1776 tickets will be sold. The prizes have something for everyone. If you were to win the grand prize but prefer the second prize, then you get to choose that. Tickets are $20 each and 6 for $100. Additionally, purchased tickets will also get you a discount with the Gatling Gun at Cody Firearms Experience. Grand Prize: Cody Firearms Experience – 1000-yard package and a Ruger American 7mm PRC. ($3000) Second Prize: Haskell Furniture Living Room Makeover ($1500) Third Prize: $1000 Cash You can purchase your tickets at:

  • Cody Firearms Experience
  • Haskell’s Furniture
  • Park County Travel Council (Cody/Yellowstone next to Tossers)
  • The Chamber of Commerce
  • The Buffalo Bill Village Gift Shop (Holiday Inn/Blair Hotels)

Cody’s Rich 4th Of July History

Cody’s 4th of July Celebrations have more significance to the town than many realize. Buffalo Bill launched himself to fame through an “Old Glory Blowout” in 1882 in North Platte, Nebraska. From there, the sport of Rodeo was born, and the following year, in 1883, Buffalo Bill hosted its inaugural “Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show.” Cody continues his legacy with the PRCA events of the Extreme Bulls and the four-day-long Cody Stampede Rodeo, which hosts three separate parades. In addition, the sheer number of entries in the 4th of July Parade puts Cody’s parade second in length only to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. Continuing the fireworks has become a grass-roots effort led by the Chamber of Commerce and joined by the Park County Travel Council and various businesses. Fireworks committee member Q Blair states, “It is undeniable that Cody was Buffalo Bill’s home, and he would be proud to see us carry forward and preserve the traditions of the American West, not least the celebration of our nation’s independence on the 4th of July.”

Fireworks Almost Fizzle

For many years, the Cody Skylighters organized the fireworks display. In 2017, according to an article in the Cody Enterprise, they ran into trouble “after a policy change by the Skylighters’ fireworks supplier, the nonprofit group could not meet federal regulations to continue.” When nobody else stepped up to the plate, the Chamber of Commerce did, and the show continued, but not without the tremendous support of the town. Since 2018, the Cody Fireworks Committee expanded. In 2022, it became a separate organization supported by the Chamber, Park County Travel Council, and the City of Cody, businesses large and small, and truly the entire community. They aim to work ahead enough on fundraising to make the fireworks show fully sustainable for many years to come.

You Can Help

First and foremost, let’s get every one of those 1776 raffle tickets sold this year. If you can help sell them or want to donate, contact Brittania McNair at 406-581-6004. If you wish to purchase tickets, please do so generously. Finally, when you watch the fireworks display this year, know that this is truly a community effort that is a testimony to how this town pulls together.

Janet Jones Owner, Publisher, Editor Janet has a rich history in Cody with her grandparents moving here in the late 1930s. Her grandfather started Wyoming Well Service. Janet is a writer, photographer, graphic designer and webmaster. Cody Journal and Cody Calendar blends her skills and talents with her love of the area.

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