July 2024 Letter from the Editor

Jul 5, 2024

Another Fourth of July is in the books for Cody. It truly is the highlight of the year. It’s incredible to watch it all come together. From the parade committee to the fireworks committee to the Chamber and the city workers and many more, they all manage to coordinate and work to bring it all about.

Basically, the Fourth of July week sets the stage for relaxing for the rest of summer. We’re now stepping into the best of summer, filled with concerts in the park, summer fundraisers, and the start of the art season. Keep an eye on the calendar for more fun-filled events to come.

On another note, this website has undergone rebranding. Cody Calendar is now a part of Cody Journal instead of the other way around. As we ramp up articles, look to find articles from staff members and the community in this relatively new online magazine. We aim to create a platform that truly becomes the Voice of Cody.

So, if you’re interested in sharing your stories and promoting all the good you or your group are doing in Cody, contact us to learn more about our Community Contributor Program.

However, the events calendar will stay the same and continue to bring you as many events as we can find. And we hear you! Some of you want to be able to start entering and managing your events. We are working to make that a reality, but we will also continue our work to pull all the events together in one location for your convenience.

From the whole team at Cody Journal/Cody Calendar, we offer our heartfelt thanks to all who worked tirelessly to make the Fourth of July week a resounding success. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed, and we appreciate you all.

Janet Jones
Owner, Publisher, Editor

Janet has a rich history in Cody with her grandparents moving here in the late 1930s. Her grandfather started Wyoming Well Service. Janet is a writer, photographer, graphic designer and webmaster. Cody Journal and Cody Calendar blends her skills and talents with her love of the area.

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