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Sunlight Sports
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Sunlight Sports
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Jul 25 2024


5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Pint Night: Do Good, Drink Beer, Get Kids Outdoors

Do Good, Drink Beer, Get Kids Outdoors

Hey Cody! Want to get a jump on the weekend, enjoy a delicious drink, and help local kids experience the wonders of the outdoors? Sunlight Sports Pint Night is the place to be!
Join us this Thursday at Sunlight Sports for Pint Night! Let’s raise a glass to good times and a better future for our community’s kids.
Here’s the deal:
Pint Nights = Kid Power: Since 2010, we’ve been giving back – a whopping $600,000 to organizations getting kids outside exploring. Your support makes a huge difference!
Cheers to Choice: Buy a special pint glass, and your donation will go to one of five amazing local nonprofits.
Free Drinks for You! Flash that cool pint glass every Thursday night and get a complimentary beer or other beverage.
It’s a win–win situation: You have fun, support a great cause, and help build the next generation of outdoor enthusiasts.
Want to know more about our non-profit partners? Here are the terrific organizations with which we will partner in 2024.
Dano Youth Camps: Dano Youth Camps offers kids a free chance to experience nature’s beauty and power while building character and leadership skills through wilderness backpacking trips every summer.
Shoshone Backcountry Horsemen: This organization promotes responsible horse use and the preservation of trails and wilderness areas. It also educates young people on horsemanship and backcountry stewardship.
Cody Archery Club: With a focus on safety and skill, the Cody Archery Club introduces youth to the sport of archery, providing opportunities for both recreational and competitive participation.
Park County Youth Cycling: This group gets kids out on bikes! They provide safe and fun cycling programs, encourage healthy lifestyles, and foster a love for trail riding.
Park County Nordic Ski Association: Dedicated to cross-country skiing, this association creates opportunities for kids to learn the sport, enjoy groomed trails, and appreciate the beauty of winter landscapes.

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