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Aug 04 2024

Illuminated Teepees

“Voices of Yellowstone: First Peoples Celebration” will take place Aug. 4-10, 2024, in Gardiner, Montana. This week-long event, hosted by Yellowstone Forever in partnership with Yellowstone National Park and in collaboration with the Pretty Shield FoundationRocky Mountain Tribal Leaders Council, and Gardiner Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center, aims to honor and celebrate the diverse cultures of the Indigenous Peoples of Yellowstone—past, present, and future.
The event will commence on the evening of Sunday, Aug. 4 with an opening ceremony featuring a blessing, drumming, and opening remarks, marking the beginning of a week filled with cultural immersion and community engagement.
Event Highlights:
  • Illuminated Teepees: Each evening, the Pretty Shield Foundation and Rocky Mountain Tribal Leaders Council will host the Illuminated Teepees, with this year’s theme, “Building Bridges of Peace,” symbolizing unity and understanding.
  • Cultural Demonstrations: Teepees will be set up at Arch Park, where Tribal cultural demonstrators will share traditions and knowledge throughout the week.
  • Indigenous Art Market: Located at the Yellowstone Forever headquarters (across from Arch Park), the market will feature a variety of arts and crafts for sale, showcasing the talent and creativity of Indigenous artists.
  • Native Games: On Wednesday, Aug. 7, the International Traditional Games Society will offer an evening of Native Games at Arch Park, open to participants of all ages, offering a fun and educational experience.
  • Cultural Tours: Throughout the week, cultural tours led by Native American experts will provide deeper insights into various aspects of Indigenous culture throughout Yellowstone National Park.
  • Community Potluck: The evening of Friday, Aug. 9, the Gardiner Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center will host a community potluck, fostering a spirit of sharing and togetherness.
 The event will conclude on Saturday, Aug. 10 with an evening closing ceremony featuring guest speakers, a drum circle, and the final lighting of the Illuminated Teepees, bringing the celebration to a poignant and powerful close.
Yellowstone Forever is excited to host this celebration, offering an opportunity for all to learn, appreciate, and engage with the vibrant cultures of the First Peoples of Yellowstone. For more information and a detailed schedule of events, please visit Voices of Yellowstone.

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