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Gunwerks HQ
201 Blackburn St, Cody, WY


Jun 26 2024


8:00 am - 6:00 pm

Gunwerks: Field Marksmanship Clinic

This  clinic is the evolution of the Marksmanship Proficiency course we unveiled in 2022. The core Gunwerks L1 and L2 curriculum incorporates just enough marksmanship training, but the focus is on the science of Long Range Hunting. In this two day clinic, we focus specifically on your marksmanship skills with minimal classroom time, allowing us to identify your bad habits and replace them with proper techniques.

  • You will learn how to build shooting positions in the field, using bipods, tripods, the Gunwerks Custom Tripod Sling, and backpacks, all items you are likely to have on a hunt, which will improve your lethal hit probability at distance. 
  • We will evaluate your shooting technique, identify any ingrained poor technique, and run numerous exercises to help you build the correct techniques into your muscle memory.
  • You will learn what your Minute of Angle capability is from different shooting positions and how to translate this knowledge into making ethical decisions regarding lethal hit probability. 

This course is designed to apply to any and all shooting equipment, not just the specialized Gunwerks systems that are exclusively used during shooting exercises.


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